Aerial Video & Photo

 Aerial video & photos are great ways to showcase viewer perspectives in a way that many years ago were considered a luxury. In the present day these shots are much more achievable with the use of an unmanned aircraft also known as a "Drone". 

 WARNING!!! Not all drone operators are legitimate! Do your research! ALL commercial drone work requires the Remote Pilot In Command (PIC) to pass the Part 107 exam to earn their FAA license, and the aircraft must be FAA registered, as well as be fully insured including liability!

 All Lexhouse Media hired drone work is legally insured and piloted under FAA regulations via a current and active FAA unmanned aircraft license via the FAA Part 107 exam. 

Aerial Video

Important Information Regarding Airspace

 Aerial video and photo work can only be done under the right conditions. The Remote Pilot In Command (PIC) makes the executive decision to fly based on weather conditions, environmental hazards, and FAA airspace laws. While weather condition's can change at a moments notice, and is not direct liability by the client, it is the hiring clients responsibility to make sure research is done when deciding on the date of the shoot in regards to weather, and environmental hazards. FAA airspace laws can be researched by the PIC if the address of the shoot location is provided during consultation.